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2015 Savings to Clients

We have now reviewed our domestic projects for 2015 to look at the value we have brought to our domestic clients.  45% of our surveys for Japanese knotweed resulted in no further works required to facilitate a mortgage. 

This demonstrates the value of an independent surveyor undertaking the initial survey as there is no commercial gain from their recommendations.  Where we have advised no further action this has typically been due to the knotweed being on an adjacent property and posing no immediate risk to our client’s property.  It should be noted in this scenario it is always wise to engage the neighbour to ensure they manage the problem on their property.

Where further action has been required we have saved our clients an average of £1,500 on treatment costs for relatively simple works and a staggering £20,000 on works of a more complex nature.  This is due to AJK having no commercial link to a contractor and always tendering the works to at least three Property Care Association Contractors.

We have also saved our Clients time as we only need to visit the property once, whereas if you want to get three quotes directly, this typically requires three visits from three contractors on three different days.

In 2016 we will continue to ensure our clients are only undertaking works absolutely necessary and are getting the best value from the market place.

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