Regulatory & Local Authorities

AJK works with several local authorities, a transportation company and a highway’s authority undertaking annual assessment of the extent of invasive species on their land portfolio.  Our services include:

Surveying for Japanese Knotweed and other species

AJK undertake desk studies of our client’s land prior to surveying for invasive species where areas of concern are captured using accurate GPS survey equipment.  Data captured in both the desk study and the site survey is recorded in our GIS software and all findings are provided to the client in a detailed survey report which includes detailed invasive species record sheets; photographic survey and detailed plans.

Risk Analysis

On completing our survey report, each area of invasive species are risk ranked based on the client’s objectives, for example proximity to SSSIs or domestic properties such that budgets can be targeted on high risk locations.

Management Plans

Preparing management plans/specifications to allow client’s to competitively tender remediation works to specialist contractors.
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Professional advice on control, treatment and removal

Providing value and effective management solutions