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Asset Managers

AJK works with several asset management companies on land portfolios directly or indirectly impacted by invasive species, predominantly Japanese knotweed.  Our services include:

Surveying for Japanese Knotweed and other species

AJK’s trained staff will visit your site or the site you wish to purchase anywhere in the country to undertake a survey of the presence and extent of Japanese Knotweed and other invasive species. Our survey report will include detailed invasive species record sheets; a photographic survey and accurate drawings.

Preparing a Japanese Knotweed Management Plan/ Options Appraisal

Following the survey, AJK will review the required management plan to meet both the short term and long term aspirations for the site.

Tendering Services

AJK will prepare a detailed specification for the required management works and tender to PCA approved contractors to ensure the best value contractor is employed and the likelihood of budget creep minimised as far as practicable.

Japanese Knotweed Tenancy Agreement Clauses

AJK will advise on whether the proposed Japanese Knotweed Management Plan/ Options Appraisal should be implemented by a tenant specifically where their activities have the potential to exacerbate the infestation.

Nuisance Claims

AJK will provide advice and liaise with adjacent landowners where it can be demonstrated their poor management has caused Japanese Knotweed to impact on your land.

Project Management

Where further works are required at a site, AJK can provide project management services for tendering works, managing the site works and agreeing final accounts/ verification reports. We typically see tender returns varying by up to 100 per cent in costs, highlighting the commercial risk of procuring works without a full understanding.
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