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Ashfield Japanese Knotweed (AJK)  has extensive experience working with commercial and industrial property developers, high street banks, public authorities and industrial fund owners.

See a selection of our case studies below.

Commercial Development – Norfolk

Sector: Commercial Development

Key Services: Survey, Tender Exercise & Project Management


  • Undertook a survey of the site for the extent of Japanese knotweed.
  • Reviewed existing geo-environmental reporting and identified the risk of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM).
  • Submitted a Japanese Knotweed Management Plan to discharge planning conditions.
  • Procured and supervised contractor in the excavation of knotweed & coincidental NORM.


  • Works undertaken on time and within budget.
  • Works approved by both the Local Planning Authority and Radiological Protection Supervisor
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Housing Development – Wrexham

Sector: Housing

Key Services: Survey & Contract Management


  • Conducted a survey of the site for invasive species.
  • Prepared alternative strategies to those presented by a specialist contractor.
  • Tendered the client’s preferred strategy to six specialist contractors.
  • Successfully negotiated planning approval of preferred strategy.


  • Saving of over £100k to the Client.
  • Works undertaken on programme and within budget.
  • Local planning authority approval.
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Site Acquisition – Bristol

Sector: Commercial Key Services: Survey & Risk Overview Report Actions:
  • Conducted a survey of the site for invasive species.
  • Identified additional risks to managing the identified Japanese Knotweed i.e. land contamination.
  • Reviewed Client’s aspirations for the site if purchased from the vendor.
  • Provided a fully costed Risk Overview Report on the site for managing the Japanese Knotweed identified.
  • Client understood the required works to manage the Japanese Knotweed prior to purchasing the site.
  • Client understood the commercial risk (£200k – £300k) prior to agreeing the purchase price for the site.
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Commercial / Industrial Property Owner


 Sector: Commercial / Industrial

Key Services: Survey; Options Appraisal; Tendered Works, Resolved Dispute with Neighbouring Properties


  • Conducted a survey of the site and adjacent properties.
  • Undertook an Options Appraisal and Specification prior to Tendering the works. 
  • Liaised with neighbouring land owners on behalf of the client. 
  • Reviewed all tender returns, sought clarifications and recommended the preferred contractor to the client. 


  • Cost savings of £22,014 to the client. 
  • Resolved dispute with neighbour amicably and at little cost to the client.
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Residential Property in South Wales


Sector: Residential

Key Services: Survey; JK Management Plan; Tendered Works


  • Conducted a survey of the site and undertook a visual inspection of adjacent properties.
  • Advised on the correct JK Management Plan. 
  • Tendered works to three PCA approved contractors.


  • Correct JK Management Plan implemented.
  • Provided reassurance to homeowner on the required works.
  • Saving of £2,250 to the client based on costs provided by contractors.
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