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Japanese Knotweed

The facts

Originally imported to the UK from East Asia as an ornamental plant, Japanese knotweed is considered the UK’s most destructive non-native plant and has the potential to cause structural damage in the built environment.  In the wild it can, once established, create a monoculture by out competing native plants with devastating impact on local ecosystems.  Once excavated, soils impacted by Japanese knotweed are deemed a controlled waste and must be managed in line with current legislation.

Due to a heightened awareness of Japanese knotweed; the problems it can cause; and a landmark court case in 2018, property/land owners need to have an understanding if the plant is on their land and ensure it is managed appropriately.

In November 2010, it was estimated that the annual cost of dealing with Japanese Knotweed in Britain was in the region of £165 million.*

*Reference: Table 17.1, page 191 of The Economic Cost of Invasive Non-Native Species on Great Britain (2010) by the inter-governmental, non-profit agriculture and environmental research organisation, CABI Wallingford.

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