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Home Owners

Mortgage lenders have differing approaches to lending on properties affected by Japanese Knotweed.

While some will refuse to lend at all, others are becoming more flexible if a Property Care Association (PCA) approved surveyor carries out a survey and provides their recommendations for treatment works.

Homeowners’ risks if they go direct to a contractor are typically as follows:

  • Confidence that the works recommended are those actually needed to manage the Japanese Knotweed.
  • Confidence that they have got the best price for the works required.

As an experienced independent surveyor recognised by the PCA, Richard Newis of Ashfield Japanese Knotweed (AJK) offers independent advice supported by Professional Indemnity Insurance. Our expert team will:

  • Carry out a full survey of the property.
  • If Japanese Knotweed is present, we will advise on the minimum works required and obtain three contractors’ quotes, as recommended by TrustmarkTM.
  • If no Japanese Knotweed is present or does not present a risk to the property, we will issue a report to this effect for the mortgage lender.

If you would like to receive a quote for an independent survey please email [email protected], detailing the site location and if you have any pictures please feel free to include them.

Client Testimonials

“Whilst selling our property, AJK’s advice was invaluable in understanding the problem we faced and the works required to resolve the matter. AJK showed great willingness to be helpful, with an ability to explain the problem in a simple and objective way and to set out options for dealing with it. They inspired trust and confidence and we quickly found we could trust their advice because of their independent status. We therefore highly recommend AJK .”   P. Sebastian

“Many thanks on behalf of us all on your professional and invaluable help.”   J. Newman

 “Unlike a number of banks and building societies, Principality will always look at the risk of the Japanese Knotweed and we will consider mortgage applications on properties where Japanese Knotweed exists or is known to have existed, subject to a specialist report containing a management and eradication plan. Under our guidance this must be done by a trained professional from the Property Care Association and should always be accompanied by an insurance-backed guarantee,” said Graeme Yorston, Chief Executive of the Principality Building Society in an article in the South Wales Evening Post.

Japanese Knotweed Claims

In recent years there has been a significant increase in the rise of claims by homeowners for Japanese Knotweed encroachment.  AJK provides an independent assessment of the validity of these types of claims both for claimants and defendants.

Call for independent advice today on 07852 972 704 or make contact on our enquiry page here.

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