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Land Developers

Developers seeking to build residential housing on land impacted by, or neighbouring infestations of Japanese Knotweed, need to make sure the works carried out are appropriate for the proposed development.  Mortgage lenders are increasingly refusing to lend on properties impacted by Japanese Knotweed and in some cases where the plant is on neighbouring properties. AJK works closely with developers’ design teams to ensure the correct solution is in place to maximise the return of a development, whilst meeting both Environmental Regulator’s guidance and the requirements of mortgage lenders.

Services include:

Surveying for Japanese Knotweed and other species

AJK’s trained staff will visit your site anywhere in the country to undertake a survey of the presence and extent of Japanese Knotweed and other invasive species. A survey report will then be prepared including detailed invasive species record sheets; photographic survey and detailed plans.  Where required AJK has the capability to record the presence of invasive species with GPS survey equipment.

Preparing an Invasive Species Management Plan

Following the survey, AJK will confirm your objectives before providing a Invasive Species Management Plan/ Options Appraisal. This plan will focus on the minimum works required to achieve your goals whilst remaining legally compliant.  Where practical, excavation/off-site disposal will be designed out as far as practicable or the need for a specialist contractor, as AJK can typically supervise proposed earthworks contractors.

Project Management

Where further works are required at a site, AJK can provide project management services for specification preparation, tendering the works, managing the site works and agreeing final accounts/ verification reports. We typically see tender returns varying by up to 100 per cent in costs, highlighting the commercial risk of procuring works without a full understanding of the risks.

Working with Regulatory Authorities

AJK will work with regulatory authorities to agree works and sign off planning conditions if required, including production of Management Plans/ Options Appraisals.
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