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Domestic Savings in 2016

We have now reviewed our domestic projects for 2016 to look at the value we have brought to our domestic clients. Over the last twelve months we have saved our domestic clients an average of £2,200 on the management of Japanese knotweed at their property.  We have been able to provide these savings by the following means: 
  •  Our survey report demonstrating that Japanese knotweed local to the property does not present a risk to the mortgage lender;
  •  Demonstrating that Japanese knotweed impacting a property is the legal responsibility of adjacent land/homeowners;
  • Ensuring an independent assessment of the required Japanese knotweed management has been undertaken; and
  • Where required, tendering works to at least three Property Care Association contractors.
This demonstrates the value of an independent surveyor undertaking the initial survey as there is no commercial gain from their recommendations. This also ensures you can get three quotes without the need for three visits from three contractors on three different days. We have also provided reassurance to buyers purchasing a property where a Japanese knotweed management plan is already in place by ensuring it is appropriate and being undertaken by a reputable company. In 2017 we will continue to ensure our clients are only undertaking works absolutely necessary and are getting the best value from the market place.

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