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Knotweed Encroachment

In recent years there has been a significant increase in claims for Japanese knotweed (knotweed) encroachment onto domestic properties and Richard Newis of AJK has provided expert witnesses reports to court, typically on behalf of defendants.  In the majority of cases we have encountered the claims of encroachment has been based on tenuous evidence, such as a recent project in West Wales.  The contractor advising the claimant had asserted that knotweed had encroached from the defendants land and based on this assertion the claimant employed the services of a solicitor to pursue a claim of over £40,000.  On undertaking a desk study of the impacted area and surveying both properties, it became apparent to AJK that the contractor’s assertions were based on little evidence and we provided our client with a comprehensive report to defend the claim.  Two weeks later our client was advised by the claimant’s solicitors that the claim would no longer be pursued.  If you are defending a claim of knotweed encroachment or misrepresentation during a property sale, which you believe to be incorrect, please feel free to contact AJK for advice.

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