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Domestic Review 2018

Ashfield Japanese Knotweed has undertaken a review of our domestic projects in 2018 and identified the following statistics:

On 50% of the properties we surveyed we advised that no further management works were required or advised that a third party land owner was responsible for managing identified Japanese knotweed due to encroachment.  This demonstrates the value to Clients of having an independent assessment of the impact of Japanese knotweed at a property, even when a valuation surveyor; contractor; or mortgage provider has recommended further works.

For 44% of the properties we surveyed recommended herbicide management to control the Japanese knotweed at the property and/or to facilitate a mortgage application.  On tendering the recommended works we saw an average saving of £3,050 on contractors’ quotes for herbicide projects.  As part of our survey costs, where Japanese knotweed management is required, we always tender works to at least three Property Care Association approved contractors on behalf of our Clients.

Only 6% of properties surveyed required excavation of Japanese knotweed and on tendering these works an average saving of £29,705 was identified to the benefit of our Clients.

In conclusion, 1 in 2 properties surveyed by Ashfield Japanese Knotweed Limited resulted in no further works being required.  Where further works was required, our Clients didn’t have to take the day off work/stay at home to allow three contractors to the property to ensure they obtained a competitive quote, we tendered the works on their behalf with savings of between £3,050 and £29,705.  We also ensured all works were undertaken by a Property Care Association approved contractor with works supported by a ten year insurance backed guarantee.

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Japanese Knotweed Survey – Charity Shops


Sector: Charity

Key Services: Survey & Procurement


  • Conducted a survey of several high street retail outlets for invasive species.
  • Reviewed Client’s tenancy agreement to understand their responsibility.
  • Tendered the minimum required works to three contractors.


  • Identified retail outlets where Japanese Knotweed was not the Client’s responsibility.
  • Savings of ~£4k on contractor’s costs.
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Our case studies

Ashfield Japanese Knotweed (AJK)  has extensive experience working with commercial and industrial property developers, high street banks, public authorities and industrial fund owners.

See a selection of our case studies below.

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